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Betting Exchanges: Find the Best Place to Trade Bets

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Unlike traditional bookmakers, where punters bet against the bookie, betting exchanges present a new and highly innovative way of betting, which allows players to bet amongst themselves. This new system of matched betting allows punters to test their skills and knowledge against their peers, making it all the more interesting and exciting. The peer competition is, however, only one of the many reasons to sign up with a betting exchange.

Best Sports Betting Exchange: Best Site for Matched Betting 

Below, you can find the comparison of all the sports betting exchange sites available including the likes of Betfair Exchange and Betway Exchange. Find out what our top betting experts have to say about each exchange and which one we believe you should sign up with.

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Our comparison of betting exchange sites was created after deliberate and extensive analysis of each of the betting exchanges on the list. Through much testing and reviewing, we came up with the best betting exchange sites and listed them for you to pick from. Beyond any doubt, the sites listed in this comparison outdo their competitors by a great margin and give the punters the ultimate edge.

Betting Exchanges: What You Should Be Looking For 

Betting exchanges are the ultimate sports bettors communities, where punters get to back and lay their bets, in essence supporting or betting against a certain choice. At betting exchange sites, punters take sides on bets, betting that a certain outcome will happen or will not happen, and your bet will be taken as long as there are enough people to match you on the other site of the bet.

Betting exchanges

Betting exchanges offer a different way of sports betting

There are many advantages of betting with a betting exchange vs bookmaker. Primarily, because the house does not need to keep an edge in terms of odds, the betting odds at betting exchanges are almost always better than those that regular bookies are offering.

Instead of having an edge in terms of odds, all the exchanges you can find on our list of betting exchange sites actually charge a fixed fee on all your bets. This way both sides pay a fee at the start and then get to bet against each other on an even footing, meaning your betting expertise could finally be of use as you won’t have to fight the impossible odds that bookies sometimes impose.

When looking for betting exchanges to bet with, you should be looking for sites with the best choice of markets but also the lowest commissions. A difference in commissions of just 1% can make you a massive amount of money in the long run assuming the exchanges in question provide the same betting odds, which means that finding the exchange with the best commissions is the single most important thing in your choice.

Bookmaker Checklist: Key Aspects of Betting Exchanges 

Betting Markets: A long list of markets means that you will have plenty of chances to bet on different things and use any advantage you spot in the best way possible. While betting exchanges usually offer limited choice of markets, some offer more than others, making them a better choice for the users. 

Betting Limits: Minimum and maximum betting limits are another important factor in choosing a site to bet at. While most people will bet somewhere in the middle, making sure that you can make the best of the size you want is crucial in picking a bookmaker or a betting exchange. If you want to bet for high stakes, this category becomes even more important. 

Betting Odds: Getting the best possible price on each bet you make is more important than any other single category in picking a bookie. Betting exchanges are famous for always providing top notch betting odds, but you should still pick the one that gives you the best prices among them.

Betting exchange sites

Get the best horse racing odds at top betting exchanges

Bonus Offer: Exchange sites are not exactly too popular for their best online offers, but many sites do still offer a welcome bonus of some type and additional promotions for existing users. Check out the offers at each site in our extensive reviews and use them to your advantage. 

Website Usability: Many betting sites out there use out-dated and unintuitive sites. Before signing up with any sports betting exchange, you should make sure that their site is easy to use on any platform you prefer, whether it is a PC or your mobile device. 

Customer Service: Betting online means that sometimes you will run into some issues you cannot handle yourself. This is where the customer service department of the betting site will come in handy. Make sure you are always betting with sites that have customer support available via multiple channels and around the clock. 

Payment Methods: Having your preferred payment method available for deposits and cashouts is crucial when making bets online as you want to be able to move the money around quickly and without paying unnecessary fees. Fortunately, our recommended betting exchanges all offer a solid choice of payment methods for the users. 

Security and Licensing:  Another extremely important aspect of picking an exchange site is the security. Since you will be sharing your personal and often even banking information with the exchange, make sure you are using a properly licensed and a highly secured site such as Betfair Sports or others on our bookmaker online lists. 

App and Mobile Solutions:  While mobile betting isn’t everyone’s first choice, if you are a fan of spread betting on the go, choosing an exchange with a top notch mobile solution will be very important. Our list contains plenty of sites that have best betting apps available, so have a look and pick the best one. 

Additional Offers: While sports betting is fun and exciting, at times, everyone wants a change. For this reason, picking a site that has plenty of other options such as casino, poker or bingo products can be very beneficial as you will be able to use a single bankroll to enjoy all these activities. 

Betting Exchanges Explained: Who Betting Exchange Benefits the Most 

If you are new to the world of exchange sites, you will probably need the concept of betting exchange explained before you proceed. Unlike a traditional bookie, a betting exchange is a place where punters get to meet and bet “against” each other, by taking different sides of the same bet.

For instance, if Arsenal and Manchester United are playing, a traditional bookie would allow you to bet on Arsenal or United winning or the match ending in a draw. Unlike these, the exchange lets you bet on Arsenal to win (Back Arsenal) or Arsenal not to win (Lay against Arsenal) at appropriate odds.

In order for the bet to be accepted, enough money will have to be placed on the other side to cover your win by the odds you placed the bet at. This is called matched betting and it is the concept that exchanges work around.

Betting exchange explained

Learn how to back and lay bets with betting exchange sites

This form of sports betting is usually adopted by serious punters and professionals who want to get the best odds and are happy to bet against other players to do so. Many professional punters make money by betting on sports like horse racing and football on exchange sites instead of classic bookies.

While you can register with an exchange even if you are a complete novice, these sites are really made for the more serious bettors and in many cases novice and inexperienced players are deterred by the serious nature of such sites. However, everyone has to start somewhere and signing up with your first exchange site ever will likely be an experience you will not regret.

FAQ on Betting Exchanges 

  • What is the difference between a betting exchange and a bookmaker?

Unlike a bookmaker, a betting exchange allows users to bet against each other through a process called matched betting, providing top odds and charging a small commission.

  • What are the advantages of exchange sites?

Sports betting exchanges provide better odds than bookmakers in most cases, giving you a better return on your investment.

  • How do I find the best sports exchange?

Our betting sites comparison which you can find on this page will give you a great way of picking the top betting exchanges in the industry.

  • What commissions do exchanges charge?

Depending on the site you choose, you will pay between a 2% and 5% commission on all your bets, which will usually mean you make more if you win than you would at a classic bookie.

  • Are betting exchanges legitimate businesses?

Yes! Just like bookmakers, exchange sites have licenses and operate according to certain security and safety standards that other gambling sites adhere to.

Conclusion: The World of Matched Betting Awaits 

Matched betting is a completely new way of sports betting that if you haven’t yet tried you definitely should. Providing you with top odds, secure places to bet and some of the most professional betting sites in the industry, betting exchanges are the betting sites of the future.

Use our betting sites comparison to find the best betting exchange for yourself and sign up today to start your journey through the world of exchange betting. If you need the concepts of betting exchange explained beforehand, use the text above before you start placing your bets in order to master the basics of this new form of sports betting.

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