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Betting Slip: Learn How to Fill Out Betting Slips

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If you have been betting on sports for some years and have done it before online gambling was even a thing, you surely know all about betting slips, how they work and how to write a betting slip for a live bookmaker or a bookmaker online. However, times have changed and the concept of a classic betting slip that you have to write yourself is dead in the water for the most part.

You may still go down for some horse racing and have to fill out your own betting slip, but today we take a closer look at how online betting slips work, what betting slip template you can expect to see at online sportsbooks and similar concepts.

If you are new to online betting, keep reading and get acquainted with how betting slips really work, how to fill out a Ladbrokes betting slip, for example, and what information you should be looking for on it. After all, it is where all your bets are made, so you better understand it pretty well.

  • To make sports bets, you need to fill out your betting slip
  • Betting slips differ between live and online bookies
  • Live bookies take hand written betting slips
  • Online, a few clicks is all it takes to fill out your slip
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Contents of Betting Slips: What’s On It?

If you are still wondering what a betting slip is, how to check betting slip online and what exactly a betting slip contains, keep reading.

Betting slip

A basic betting slip contains your picks, stake and total winnings

As a part of our betting guide, we want to make sure that you understand the essentials before we move on to the more complex stuff, so first of all let’s take a look at what an online betting slip has in it:

Your Pick: The name of the match you are betting on, whether it’s a football game, a horse race or another sporting event.

The Market: Which market you are betting on for the event in question is listed below your selection.

Betting Odds: The betting odds of your pick at the time of placing are listed on the right side of the slip.

Your Stake: The amount you are staking can be changed within the betting slip. Once placed, you can still see your betting slip and the amount you bet on it.

Potential Winnings: The total winnings you will get if your bet is a winner is listed next to the stake.

Cashout Option: With online bookies that allow cashouts, a cashout button will be found at the bottom of the slip after you have placed your bet.

betting slip template

A horse race betting slip at Betfair

Along with these, some online bookmakers may add some extra features to their betting slips. However, the basic appearance of a betting slip looks something like the one we just listed out for you, so you will know what to expect when you are making your bets.

Live Betting Slips

Betting slips from live betting shops differ quite a bit from each other depending on the event you are betting on. While most shops will give you a printed out betting slip with a bar code and similar to the online betting slips, at horse tracks you might just get a signature from the clerk on your hand written slip which makes things go a lot faster.

Once you have your printed out betting slip from a bookmaker, nowadays you can check bet slip online at all times. You can check your bet slip online by using a bet slip app or by typing out the number of the ticket online in some sportsbooks sites.

Some sites will even let you cash out your winnings from a live betting slip into your online betting account, while you may as well throw away your lost betting slip as no good will come out of it. In essence, that’s all you need to know about live betting slips and how they work online.

Placing Your Bets: Fill Out Your Betting Slip

If you are completely new to sports betting, you may just be filling out your very first betting slip ever. In that case, we want to help you out by guiding you through the process and making sure you understand what you are doing. Here is a quick step by step guide to filling out your very first betting slip:

  • Check out the markets: Before you put anything on your betting slip, check out what’s on offer. List through your favorite markets slowly and don’t rush into making any bets. After all, there is plenty of time and you want to make good bets.
  • Click on your selections: Once you find selections you like, simply select side you want to bet by clicking on the odds offered for it. That will immediately put the pick into your betting slip where you will be able to see it for further inspection. You can use our odds comparison to get the best odds every single time.
  • Double check your picks: When you make all your picks or your single pick that you want to bet, double check the odds in your betting slip. The slip will list the odds for each pick as well as total combined odds if your slip is an accumulator.
  • Enter your stake: Now that you know exactly what odds you are getting, it is time to choose your stake. If you have money in the balance, enter some of it into the stake box and see what your total potential winnings will be.
  • Place your bet: Once you are happy with the selections, the odds and the final winnings, you can go ahead and click the bet button. This will place your bet and it will now be live. You can still check your betting slip in the active bets section of the site.

Cashing Out Your Winnings

The one thing that online betting slips allow you to do that used to not be possible with live betting is make a cashout before your bets are even finished. The cashout option adds an extra element to the whole betting experience, giving you a chance to make sure you win once your bet is going well enough.

To cash out a betting slip, all you will usually have to do is click the cashout button at the bottom of the slip, which will automatically pay you the amount of money that the bookie is currently offering to buy out your ticket.

check bet slip online

Cash out your winning betting slips at any time

Premature cashing out is a controversial topic, as some believe it takes away the value of the bet and makes value betting dead altogether. However, for novice punters who are in it for the entertainment rather than hoping to win in the long run, the cashout option is a great way to capitalize on some solid accumulators.

Whether you choose to go for cash out betting or not is up to you, but the important thing is to remember that the option exists and can be found right at the bottom of your betting slip at most online sportsbooks.

Conclusion: Your First Betting Slip Awaits

It may seem very basic but if you are new to sports betting, we are sure that this guide to filling out a betting slip the right way helped you out a lot. Now that you know how to fill out your betting slip with confidence, it is about time that you make your very first online bet.

Select one of the bookmakers promoted here at Bookmaker UK and start selecting picks for your first betting slip. It won’t matter much which bookie you select, as they are all top notch betting sites with simple slip layouts so make your pick based on your own preferences.

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