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Bookmakers with PayPal: Easy and Safe PayPal Payments


PayPal has been one of the leading payment options in the world, not just in the gambling sector but overall for over a decade. More and more PayPal bookmakers are making their way into the industry as sites add PayPal as one of the deposit and cashout options, making it that much easier for players to make their online payments. Keep reading and find out more about bookmakers with PayPal and all the details of using this popular payment methods in online gambling.

Betting with PayPal: Fast and Easy 

During our extensive bookmaker online  reviews, we realized how important it is for players to be able to make quick and cheap payments and cashouts. PayPal caught our eye as one of the fastest and best payment methods for casino players, which is why we made a list of bookmakers with PayPal for your convenience.

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Our bookmaker comparison above contains PayPal betting sites where you can use the popular e-wallet to make your deposits and cash out your winnings. Choosing any site from the list will give you a chance to use your PayPal account to make your deposits, which is faster and easier than using a credit card, not to mention a whole lot safer.

Bookmakers with PayPal: A Closer Look 

While there are dozens of gambling sites that accept PayPal nowadays, just a few years ago the popular e-wallet was not accepted in the gambling industry. As the gambling sites are becoming more secure, PayPal has become a viable option for online gamblers, and many players started using it to make their online gaming payments.

Bookmakers with PayPal

PayPal is among the many payment methods at online casinos

There are many advantages to using PayPal instead of a more direct payment method. Most players who gamble online have had a chance to use PayPal to make purchases online from various stores already know how safe this payment method is. When using PayPal, you only share your credit card data with the payment processor, avoiding having to give such sensitive info to the casino operators.

While the online gambling industry has become quite safe and betting with UKGC regulated sites really does not put your banking info in any jeopardy, most players still don’t have the kind of trust towards the casinos that they do towards PayPal. For that reason, making PayPal deposits is the safer option than most others.

Of course, the payment method you are going to use is not the only thing to consider when betting online as there is a host of other elements you should be looking at when choosing your bookie. The list below shows you our top 10 bookmaker criteria that we use to rate bookmakers in every category, including the bookmakers with PayPal.

Bookmaker Checklist: What Every Site Should Have 

Betting Markets: No matter what method you use to make your deposits, you will need to have plenty of betting options if you are to have any fun betting online. Bookmakers with PayPal are usually pretty big betting sites that provide lots of markets, but before you sign up, make sure they offer the games you want to bet on.  

Betting Limits: Depending on your personal preferences, you will need to find a site that accepts the kind of betting limits that you are most comfortable with. While most sites won’t let you make massive PayPal deposits, you may still be able to make big bets after making multiple deposits. 

Betting Odds: Betting odds are the single most important thing in sports betting, no matter what site you are betting at. Make sure that the site you choose offers you fair prices on the markets you like to bet and don’t settle for second tier odds in any case. 

Bonus Offer: Bonuses are an integral part of the sports betting industry but when you make a bookmaker PayPal deposit, you may not be eligible for one. If you are going to use PayPal for your deposits, find out if the bookie provides a sign up bonus for players who use this payment method beforehand.  

Bookmaker PayPal Deposit

Claim generous bonuses with bookmaker PayPal deposit

Website Usability: A user friendly and simple website makes betting online that much more convenient. While this may not be a criterion that will make your decision for you, betting on an easy to use site is always better, so before you register, check out how the site looks and feels.  

Customer Service: Customer service is an extremely important department of any online casino. Bookmakers with PayPal need to make sure that they can help their customers in case there is any problem with the deposits and cashouts and we advise you to bet with bookmakers whose customer support department is well regarded.  

Payment Methods: Bookmakers with PayPal usually offer a pretty extensive list of other payment options as well. If you are not sure what method you want to use, picking one with plenty of methods is a good idea. Ultimately, the most important thing is that the bookie makes your payments in a timely fashion and never holds your cashouts back for no reason.  

Security and Licensing:  We already mentioned how important security is when betting online. The very fact you are using PayPal will easily improve your overall safety, but you also want to be sure that the site is reliable and licensed by the likes of UKGC and MGA.  

App and Mobile Solutions:  If you like to bet on your mobile device, you need to find a bookmaker with PayPal that also has a great mobile solution. Fortunately, plenty of bookies offer a great betting app or a mobile friendly site that you can use to bet on the go. If you want to make your PayPal deposits on the go, check to find out if the bookie allows mobile deposits, which not all of them do. 

Additional Offers: Finally, you can use your PayPal deposits to have plenty of fun with other gambling products like poker, casino or bingo at the right sites. Choosing a site that offers these other products will give you a chance to enjoy plenty of entertainment options even when not betting on sports.

PayPal Betting Explained: Who It’s Best For 

PayPal is easily one of the most convenient payment methods on the internet, with people in all sorts of industries using it to make their payments. In online gambling, PayPal is a method that is easily used by everyone, but the high stakes players sometimes avoid it because maximum deposits via PayPal can sometimes be limited to relatively small amounts.

If you are looking to make huge deposits with your bookmaker PayPal deposit may not be the best option. However, for all smaller deposits, PayPal is probably the best and quickest solution that will keep you 100% safe and will not charge you any unnecessary fees.

Bookmakers with PayPal

Use PayPal when registering with sites to make instant deposits

Making deposits with PayPal is very simple, as you won’t even have to upload the money into your online wallet. Instead, you can make a deposit straight out of your credit card or bank account and into your bookmaker balance.

This method of online payments makes betting online easy and secure, which is why we highly recommend betting with online bookmakers with PayPal to those customers who consider their online security and anonymity their number one priority.

FAQ on PayPal Betting 

  • Is PayPal available at all betting sites?

No! PayPal as a deposit method is only available with a select number of betting sites, but more sites are partnering up with PayPal regularly.

  • Does PayPal charge fees?

PayPal deposits are completely free. The only time you will pay fees with PayPal is when you cash out your money into your credit card.

  • Is PayPal betting safe?

PayPal is one of the most prominent e-wallets in the world, which makes depositing with PayPal very safe.

  • How long do PayPal deposits take?

Deposits made via PayPal, just like most other online casino deposits, are instant.

  • What about cashouts with PayPal?

PayPal cashouts are usually very fast as your bank won’t need to approve the transaction. In most cases, you will receive your PayPal from a betting sites with cashout  within a few hours of requesting it.

Conclusion: Make Your First PayPal Deposit 

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment processors in the world, with a hand in millions of transactions for traders of all sorts. Online casinos and other gambling sites have only been accepting PayPal for some time, but the number of PayPal betting sites is steadily growing.

Adding extra safety and security to your payments with an extra layer between the bank and the casino that helps you not have to reveal your banking data to anyone you don’t want to, PayPal is one of the best payment methods for online casino payments. Picking any PayPal casino on this page will give you a chance to make PayPal payments with no extra hassle.

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