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Cash Out Betting: The Art of Making Bet Cash Outs

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The cash out option with online bookmaker sites is something that was not always available, but online bookmakers saw it as a great opportunity for both them and the players. Cash out betting works to the benefit of both the bookies and the punters in some ways.

Cash out betting allows punters to cash out their winnings before their matches have ended or at least get a partial cashout and let the rest of the money ride until the end. When big accumulator betting slips are in question, making a cash out can often be a great idea, as it stops that one last game from ruining your entire bet and making your winning bet a loser.

Cash out betting is more popular among casual punters than professional bettors however, as it does take some of the value out of your bets. Making a cash out bet will take some of the odds away and professionals who believe their bets are good value in the start usually like to let them ride all the way. If you want to find out exactly how cash out betting works, keep reading and find out all the details and find the best odds in our betting odds comparison .

  • Cash out betting allows you to make a premature cash out of your winnings
  • You lose some value when you cash out
  • You will get your money instantly regardless of the final outcome
  • Cashing out is available at any time
  • Cash outs can prevent some huge disappointments
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Seven Tips for Cashing Out Your Bets

Whenever you have a bet pending with one of the many cash out betting sites out there, you will have an option to cash it out. If your bet is going well, you will be making a profit if you cash out, while bets that are not going so well can still be cashed out for a portion of the initial bet. Here are our top tips on when and how you should cash out your bets in order to optimize your cash out strategy.

: Cash out betting

Sites like Ladbrokes allow players to cash out their bets prematurely

  • 1. Cash Out Calculation: How Much Do I Get?

You are probably wondering how is cash out calculated. This is a very good question indeed and before you can start betting at bet sites with cash out, you will want to know approximately what you will be getting if you decide to claim your money before time.

Cash outs are calculated based on the betting odds of the bets on your betting slip as well as the current situation on the pitch. For instance, if you have a single football game on your slip and your pick is up by two goals, you will be offered to cash out a decent portion of your winnings instantly, only giving away a small fee.

On the other hand, on an accumulator with 10 picks, winning 7 of them may get you a decent chunk of the potential profit, but depending on the odds of the remaining games, you will be giving away quite a bit of value. Cashing out is all about weighing the risk against the value.

  • 2. Partial Cash Outs: Split the Difference

The partial cashout option that some cash out betting sites allow is quite a brilliant thing. For instance, when making a Betfair cashout, you get to request that a part of your winnings is paid out instantly, while the rest is left to keep on riding and waiting until the end of the games in question.

Cash out bet

Make partial cashouts and leave some money riding on the bets

Partial cash outs are best in those cases when you are not sure if you want to cash out or not. On the one hand, you will get some money right then and there, while you will also have a chance to win your bet and get some of the cash at full price.

When you bet with cash out, partial cash outs really give you options in terms of how much you want to risk and how much you want to get instantly.

  • 3. Cash Out Sports: What Bets Can I Cash Out?

Cash out betting sites allow punters to get partial or full cash outs on most of their bets. Whether you are into football betting, horse racing betting or other sports, you will likely be able to cash out your bets before the end for some of the potential profit.

As soon as your match or race begins, the price on the cash out option will start changing, depending on how the event is going. The closer your team, player or horse is to winning, the better the price on the cash out.

The truth is that there are very few sports or markets that bookies don’t allow cash outs on and only in very special cases will cash outs be completely blocked for you.

  • 4. In Play Bets: Can I Still Cash Out?

Live betting or in play betting is becoming increasingly popular with every passing year. To help out their live bettors, online betting sites allow punters to cash out their live bets as well as their pre-match bets. The price on the in play cashouts changes even faster, making the whole thing extremely dynamic and exciting.

The cash out option in live betting really turns sports betting into an interactive game. Consider being able to cash out winnings, make new bets and track their progress and cashing out at the best time all night and you will quickly realize how exciting it can all really be.

  • 5. Picking Your Site: Where Do I Bet With Cashouts?

When picking a betting site to do your cashout betting at, you should always be looking for sites that offer top odds. The better the odds at the start of the bet, the better price you will be getting as the matches go on.

Bet with cash out

Make sure you are always cashing out at best price possible

Most sites use a very similar formula in determining what price to give you on your cash out, so really the only difference will be in the odds that your bet initially had, which is why you should always bet with sites that offer the best overall prices. Fortunately, here at Bookmaker UK, you get access to sites with top betting prices straight up, so pick one of them and your cashout betting journey can start.

  • 6. Is All Value Lost With Cashing Out?

There is an eternal debate among sports bettors as to whether cashing out prematurely loses all value of the bet and whether the entire concept of value betting is destroyed when you make a cash out. On the one hand, cashing out a bet does definitely mean you are giving up some value, but on the other, who wants to risk a big win to try and push it out until the end?!

The real truth is that cash out betting is not made for everyone. While professional punters will probably want to stay away from it and keep making good value bets and seeing them through, casual bettors can have a great time betting with cash outs and risking the minimum every single time.

  • 7. When Should I Cash Out?

Deciding the right moment to cash out can be a difficult thing. The longer you wait it out with the result going your way, the more money you are getting, but any change on the pitch can change it all around. In order to get the best feeling for when you should cash out your bet, you should really be watching the event you have bet on and closely examining the situation on the pitch.

In fact, monitoring the situation on the pitch and getting the feel for when one side or the other is taking over the initiative can be crucial in making timely cash outs. Our recommendation is to always watch your games and try to make the cash out only when you feel like the situation in the game is about to change in the negative way for the bet you are waiting on.

Conclusion: Make Your Own Sports Betting Fate

There used to be a time when making a sports bet meant you had to wait out the game and see what happens. This is no longer the case, as more and more new bookmakers are allowing partial and complete cash outs of your winnings before the games on your betting slip are done. Choose your sports betting site with the cash out option today and make your first cash out to see just what price the bookies are going to give you.

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