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How to bet on cricket: Total Beginners’ Guide

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So you’ve enjoyed a couple of cricket matches on TV and now you want to check out what’s in store with the bookies? Cricket is famous as a complex and strategic sport around the world and cricket betting is no different. Although its popularity across the globe varies – mostly loved in parts of the world Great Britain once ruled – many bettors around the world enjoy wagering on it.

So you want to know how to bet online and learn some cricket betting tricks and techniques? You’re in the right place, as we’ll now go over the sole basics of betting on the bat-and-ball game with a focus on the rules, betting markets you can pick from, as well as the cricket sports betting strategies.

Once we’ve made cricket plain and simple for beginners, it will surely be easier to find ways how to bet on cricket and win with a number of strategies available. The sport now offers rather straightforward betting options and with a great pool of information available, it’s surely easier to find your best betting tips and enjoy the matches, although they could be less action-packed than some alternatives. For more alternatives learn how to bet on football or how to bet on horses at Bookmaker UK.

  • Learn the basic rules of cricket and how it works
  • Events and markets in offer with most prominent bookies
  • Find the best betting sites to place bets
  • Essential and best cricket betting strategies out there
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How to bet on cricket: The Basic Rules

For a beginner who has just started enjoying what the bat-and-ball sport has to offer, it’s very important to understand the rules down to the smallest detail before going to bet on cricket. Learning how to bet on cricket tips is all about knowing the game and knowing the sides in question. So let’s get on it!

How to bet on cricket

Make in play and pre-match cricket bets with online bookies

The goal 

The main goal of a cricket match is to score more runs than your opponents. Two 11-players-each teams have their respective innings to bat and score runs, while other team bowls to minimize their efficiency. At the centre of the field is a 20-metre rectangle with a wicket, which serves as a target for the ‘attacking team’. There is a coin toss before play starts and the winner’s of that decide whether they wish to bat or bowl and field first.


The batsmen are sent out to score as many runs as they can before getting out, or in a limited overs game a team’s innings ends. They work in pairs, playing from both ends of the wicket. Put simply, the runs are scored by running to an end of the wicket after hitting the ball or hitting the boundary. Interestingly, if the ball lands before running over a boundary it’s counted as four runs, and if it doesn’t it’s counted as six. Bowlers are trying to get the opposition batsman out and can do so in a number of ways.


Bowlers can limit the runs scored by their opponents. They can hit the wickets that the Batsman looks to protect (which is called “Bowled), a fielder can catch the ball after the batsman has hit it without the ball bouncing (called Caught), hitting the batsman’s leg (called “LBW”), hitting the wicket before the batsman completes his run (called “Run out”), or have the batsman leave the designated area (called “Stumped”).

cricket betting strategies

Prop bets are also available for cricket games

How to bet on cricket and its different game formats

Different game formats we see in cricket are very important for cricket betting strategies as they can make all the difference on outcomes as well as other factors involved in their likelihood. So let’s get on them and their salient features. 

Test cricket  

Test or first-class cricket is cricket in its oldest form. Matches take place over five days and the result can be a win for either team or a draw. It has fifteen separate sessions, usually taking place in mornings, afternoons, and evenings of each day and schedules 90 overs.

With that in mind, it’s very important for bettors learning how to bet on cricket online to be wary of different factors which could influence the outcome. For example, you must take into concern wear of wickets (which has bowlers using bouncers), weather conditions which could change and largely influence sessions, especially when it comes to batting.

One-day cricket 

A shorter version of a match, one-day or limited overs cricket has been widely considered as revolutionary back in the 70s. Most obviously, it’s played in one day and usually in two sessions where first takes place in the afternoon and the other in the evening. It has 50 overs for both teams and the prime difference bettors need to take into concern, aside from the weather conditions and the wear, are the restrictions when it comes to fielding – with two men fielded in first ten overs, two more in Over 11-40, and up to five in Over 41-50. 

Twenty20 cricket

The fastest and most modern form of cricket is Twenty20, where each team get twenty overs and the match takes place in just one afternoon or evening. This offers more excitement – with shorter boundaries and more runs in general – and although traditional fans object, it’s becoming more popular with bettors alike. The short format allows less vague factors influencing the end result and offers a great deal when it comes to televised broadcasts worldwide, as most cricket nations now host their own tournaments.

Markets to bet cricket online

Now that we’ve gone through how to bet on cricket and different formats, we move on to the different markets and what they mean to a beginner bettor.

Match Outcome

As with most sports, the most popular market you can bet on is the final outcome of the match. In One-day cricket as well as Twenty20, you can bet on just two outcomes as you choose the winner while in Test matches, you can also go for a Draw. However, with draws been less and less likely for the sole reason of more runs happening, the odds for such outcomes have been skyrocketing recently. This also brings out the importance of Double Chance betting, where you can back a team to win and a draw at somewhat lower odds and take home the winnings even if we don’t see a winner.

best cricket betting strategies

Make sure you always get the best betting odds for cricket betting

Top Team Batsman and Bowler

Backing batsmen and bowlers has also become very popular and can be very profitable, as trends often mean a lot and can bring huge value to your pre-match analysis. For example, leading run scorers often tend to have most opportunities as batsmen and so on.

Highest Opening Partnership

You can also often find trends of certain players struggling against other and follow these up with your respective bets. This means that if a batsman is always struggling against one bowler, you can try the highest opening partnership there and capitalize on such input.

Over Under Betting

Over Under betting is also very popular in cricket, just as in pretty much all sports, as there are different outcomes in the offer. For example, you can bet on total match sixes, individual player performances, first innings scores, highest individual scores and many more.

Man Of The Match 

Many bettors learning how to bet on cricket, as well as more experienced tipsters, enjoy going for Man of the match predictions. There are some players we just enjoy watching and there are some who put in great performances and make all the difference in a match on the regular, which often makes them the favourites to bring you the returns in the MOTM markets.

Talking Points 

We’ve now covered all the prime game formats and betting markets and you’d think you’re ready to put your cricket knowledge to use. However, there are a couple of talking points we need to emphasize first.

Where you bet

You need to pick and choose the bookies you will stick with, as this can make all the difference when you start winning. You want to check out the bookies before taking up their offers for enhances IPL odds and you want to be extra careful.

We advise going through a Bookie Checklist on Bookmaker UK to make sure you are with a licensed firm, that your money is secure, you have the best odds in the offer, and that you are well-covered with methods to deposit and withdraw money. These are just some of the features premium bookies showcase and that’s the top quality you want when placing your first bets.

How to find value

Knowing the rules is not all there is to it, as you want to develop viable cricket betting strategies for each of the formats out there. It’s important to make an in-depth analysis of matches and take into concern all factors listed above before placing your bets.

Make out the likelihood of any given outcome you’re backing and see if the odds are enough to get behind such possibilities, where experience will surely come in handy once you’ve mastered cricket betting.

Most importantly, don’t lose sight of what’s important and never bet more than you can afford to lose. This means that even if you’ve grasped the gist of it, you don’t want to gamble your money away on beginners’ luck.

That’s it! You’re ready to roll and try your luck on your favourite cricket matches, putting the best betting tips into action with the bookies of your preference. There’s no better way to learn more than to give it a shot by yourself.

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