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How to Bet on Golf: Picking the Tournament Winners

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Golf is certainly a well-respected sport, but not as popular as many others like tennis, football or basketball, mostly because it is considered somewhat of an elite game. Regardless of who can play the game and how expensive it may be to be a part of the golf circuit, betting on golf does not cost more than betting on any other sport.

The number of people betting on golf events is pretty high, although golf betting is not as common as horse racing or soccer betting. Nevertheless, we decided to teach you how to bet on golf in this golf betting guide and give you some basic tips to help you create your golf betting strategies.

Before we move on to the specific tips for betting, we will discuss the game in general, what you need to know about golf tournaments and circuit and what betting options you can make on golf tournaments. If you are a golf fan, you may already know some of this stuff, but it’s always good to brush up.

  • Golf is an elite sport with worldwide tournaments
  • Punters can bet on golf with online bookmakers
  • You can bet on tournament winners or place side bets
  • Since Tiger Woods, favourites rarely win the tournaments
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Golf Tournaments to Bet On

The golf circuit is a very extensive one, with hundreds of top notch players contending over the two most important tours, the PGA and the Euro. In addition to the two tours, players also come together for Major events like US Open, which bring together the cream of the sport.

How to bet on golf

Bet on major golf events all around the world at online sports betting sites

Before we proceed to golf betting basics and teach you how to bet on golf, let’s take a look at some major golf tournaments you can bet on:

PGA Tour: The PGA Tour is mainly an American tour, with the vast majority of events played in the USA and some occasional events in Asia or South America. PGA events bring together the very top golf players in the world, most of whom are Americans as well as some pros from the rest of the world, who are deemed to be the best from the rest of the world.

Best golf betting strategies

Enjoy watching the PGA tour while having some bets to look out for

The Euro: The European Tour is the second largest golf tour and one that plenty of golf wagering is also done on. ET events are played across the world and not just in Europe, and over 25 countries usually take part in a single season of the tour, which is quite impressive.

The Majors: Major events like US Open and The Masters are the absolute pinnacle of the golf season, as all the best players come there to play each other and determine the very best in the world.

Ryder Cup: Once a year, the best players from the PGA and ET come together to play a 12 v 12 team event known as the Ryder Cup.

What Should I Bet On?

There are many different golf betting strategies, but the fact is that most golf bettors simply bet on who will win the various golf tournaments, which makes golf wagering a bit more restrictive in terms of how many bets you can really make.

However, the tournament winner is not the only golf bet that you can make and there are many other proposition bets that are also a part of the golf betting world. When choosing your golf betting system, you should consider how well you know the players, the pitch and the tournament in question and possibly make some side bets based on those.

Golf betting strategies

Pick your favourite and find value in the long shots

The best way to bet on golf is probably to bet on players who are not in the top of the favourites list for the given tournament, as this increases your potential payout, while a player who is not among the favourites has won the tournament many times in the last few years.

But before we make any conclusions on the best golf betting strategies, let’s take a look at some golf betting tips that will surely help you create your golf betting strategies in a better way.

Gold Betting Tips and Tricks

Here is our list of betting tips and tricks that will teach you how to bet on golf with more sense.

  • Don’t bet the favourite: Tiger Woods was the last player who regularly won the tournaments he was favourite in. Nowadays, the favourite rarely wins the tournament, so you may want to think about some options with better value.
  • Look for value: Value betting is all about finding overpriced bets, not guessing the winner. Check out some of the players in the middle of the pack when it comes to odds and try to find those who have been scoring well in recent events.
  • Don’t overdo it: While favourites are not the best bet in golf tournaments, neither are the biggest of underdogs. Players with odds of over 100:1 almost never win the event, so there is really not much value in betting on them.
  • Look for help: There are plenty of sites out there with professional betting tips that you can include in your sports betting strategies . Don’t be shy about using them, as that’s what they are for.
  • Build your own system: There is no right or wrong way to decide on bets you want to make. Feel free to come up with your own golf betting system by analysing golf stats and other available info, but remember to test it out and see if it actually works before betting heavily.
  • Find the best odds: Finding the best betting odds is important in any sports betting, so you will want to do the same when betting on golf. Make sure you are betting with the very best bookmaker online sites that are not cutting the prices short.
  • Spread it out: Since the golf odds on any player to win are usually pretty good, feel free to select a few favourites at solid odds and place bets on them all. After all, only one player can win it and you can still get many times your total stake if you have several selections and you can use our odds comparison to find the best odds every time.
  • Experience over youth: There are many young players playing in the tours, but Major events are usually won by older more experienced players. You should always go with an experienced players to win majors as youngsters may lack the discipline and experience needed.
  • Watch your bankroll: Whenever betting on any sports, bankroll is always the key. Make sure you don’t bet too heavy on a single event or pick, no matter how much you like it. Always leave yourself with plenty of money behind to keep on betting if you lose.
  • Try some fun side bets: Side bets may not be the best way of how to bet on golf online but they can be very fun. Try some proposition bets if you are looking for a new source of entertainment and fun while watching the tournament, just don’t bet too heavily on them.

Choosing a Value Bet

So you want to know how to you bet on golf properly?! You need to understand how to bet on value first of all. Value is all about finding the price that makes sense to bet on, not guessing who will win the golf tournament. For example, you could be pretty sure that one player can win it but if there are 100 players at the tournament and he is priced at 2/1, the chances are this is not a bet you really want to take.

In golf betting, no matter how good a player is, the chances of them winning any particular tournament are small, as there are dozens of seasoned pros competing in each one, and a few bad strokes can ruin any player’s chances.

To find value in golf tournaments, you should usually be looking to bet on players with odds of 30/1 or so, who have the ability to win it, have been performing well over the recent period, but simply aren’t as big names as some others. These players hold the most value as they do tend to win tournaments and break into the scene and yet they are priced very highly by the bookmakers.

Conclusion: Get Started with Golf Betting

Golf betting is a bit unlike betting on other sports, as you are usually betting on tournament winners at long prices instead of game winners at short ones. Now that you have read this guide, you should have a good idea on how to bet on golf, so get started with your first bets on the upcoming tournament and enjoy watching the event with the extra incentive in place.

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