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How to Bet on Greyhounds: The Art of Making Bet Cash Outs

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As if regular sports like football, horse racing and tennis were not enough to bet on, people came up with the concept of greyhound racing, where well trained and lightning fast greyhounds race along the track, with the only real point of it all being so that we could bet on it.

However, the concept of greyhound racing is one that can be a bit strange to novice punters, which is why we are here to teach you exactly how to bet on greyhounds and how to win money at the dog track. In this guide to greyhound betting, we will teach you the different types of greyhound bets you can make and give you some great general greyhound betting tips to get you started.

In many ways, greyhound racing is like horse racing, with different dogs running on different tracks and punters needing to guess which dogs will come first, second, etc. Of course, this all seems much easier than it really is, as there are many different things that can influence the outcome of a race, including track conditions, dogs styles etc.

  • Greyhound racing is a sport that revolves around sports betting
  • Greyhound racing is also called the Tote
  • You can bet on a multitude of different markets
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Types of Greyhound Bets

Just like horse racing, greyhound racing is all about predicting the final placement of different hounds. Just like in horse race betting, there are many different bets that you can place at greyhound betting sites, with each having a particular meaning.

How to bet on greyhounds

Choose among many races and hounds every day

Before you proceed to greyhound betting online, let us first learn what some of the main bets in greyhound betting really mean, how you will be placing them and how to bet on greyhounds online.

The Winner: The first and most basic of greyhound betting markets is the winner. This bet is very simple, as you are picking the hound who will win the race, and the bookie gives you a price on it.

To Place: Depending on how many hounds are racing, this bet means that you believe the hound will finish in the top two or top three.

Each Way: An each way bet is a split against the winner and place bets. The entire bet is paid out if your hound wins, but if he only places, you will still get paid on half of the bet.

Forecast: You think you can guess which two hounds will come first and second. The forecast bet will give you a chance to monetize on this by predicting this lineup.

Reverse Forecast: If you want to predict which order the first two dogs will come in, reverse forecast is your market

Trifecta: The greyhound trifecta is all about guessing the top three hounds in a race, and is very difficult to get right.

strategy for betting on greyhounds

Make sure you always get the best odds

When devising your strategy for betting on greyhounds, you will want to think about all your betting options and not focus on just one market. Depending on the race, you may want to also predict which hound will finish second behind the big favorite and you may want to place a bet on it.

Top 5 Tips to Betting Greyhound Races

So we promised that we would give you some tips to help you devise a simple greyhound system that will work in the long run. Without further delay, here are our tips for you that may help you find the best way to bet on greyhounds.

  • 1. Look for value in longer prices

The shortest priced hound is the one that the bookies like to win the race, but betting on such choices is likely not a good strategy for betting on greyhounds. The bookmaker online  sites tend to give really short prices on the favorite, and anything under 6/4 is usually not worth betting at all.

Instead, you want to find a hound with longer betting odds and a lesser chance of winning, but one that you think may actually stand a decent chance compared to what the bookies are predicting. Very often, professionals who know how to bet on greyhounds will place bets at odds of 10/1 or 15/1 which seems insane, but in the long run makes them a significant profit.

greyhound betting strategies

Look for hounds with long prices your think are overpriced

Many sports betting strategies  are all about finding the overpriced hound in the middle of the pack and betting heavily on them to win or place. That way, when they do, you get a big payout. If you can do this more often than the bookie believes, you are a winner.

  • 2. Favour young pups

Young pups tend not to do well right away, which is why those who devise good greyhound betting strategies know there is good value in betting on them. Once a pup has run 10 or 20 races, and has shown promise and improvement, it may be time to start betting on it.

The pup will still be priced very long, with many other more experienced hounds deemed as favorites. However, each pup gets to a point where it starts to win races and you want to be in there at exactly that point, not earlier and not later. Chasing after promising pups is another great strategy for betting on greyhounds.

  • 3. Look out for the weather

Rainy weather can be a punter’s paradise when it comes to greyhound racing. Watching the first few races before you start making bets can really give you a chance to exploit some biases. For instance, depending on temperature and just how wet the track is, the inside or outside runners may have an advantage or the stronger hounds may have trouble in the kick start.

It is very important to watch some races and see what is going on and how the track is affecting hounds who are generally top runners and those who are deemed not so great. For instance, if you see that some favorites are losing the early races, you may want to start placing money on middle pack hounds in the coming races. The more you know about particular hounds, the better your chances of exploiting these observations.

  • 4. Go down to the tracks

While betting greyhounds online is a perfectly sound strategy for how to bet on greyhounds, going down to the track whenever you have a chance is a good idea. When there, you will see things that you may not notice from home.

One great example of when a dog may be worth betting on is if you notice that those close to the dog and his trainer are betting big money on it. These people usually know how the dog is actually doing in terms of physical shape and preparedness and they would not be betting if they didn’t know something no one else knows. These kinds of things can only be spotted at the track, and watching these gorgeous animals run live is actually quite a thrill in itself.

  • 5. Watch your bankroll

More important than anything when devising your greyhound betting strategy may be the bankroll you can afford to bet. Make sure you always have a decent amount of cash to bet and don’t overextend yourself. The longer the prices are that you are chasing, the bigger bankroll you should have.

We recommend always having many times your average bet at your disposal. Make sure you are not betting on every race, but rather waiting for value and bets that actually make sense in terms of value. Only bet if you know there is value in a particular hound to win or place and even then, make sure you don’t bet too much of the bankroll.

Finally, avoid chasing your losses no matter what happens. If a bet you thought was good value goes south, simply understand that this will happen and wait for the next value bet that you can make with confidence.

Conclusion: Now Watch Them Go

If you were asking yourself how do you bet on greyhounds, you probably have a pretty good idea after reading this guide. While there is plenty more to learn about greyhound races, you will have to do it gradually by watching some races, learning about hounds and tracks and slowly becoming a master. Remember to have fun, learn slowly and not get carried away with big bets early on.

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