>Odds Comparison: Your Guide to Finding the Best Betting Odds Online

Odds Comparison: Your Guide to Finding the Best Betting Odds Online

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There are many bookmakers out there in the wild and many of the boast about offering the best odds for their customers. At a glance, it is really hard to tell if they’re actually telling the truth or twisting the facts a bit in their favour. That’s where the odds comparison comes in as a powerful tool you can use pick the bookies with actual best betting odds in the market!

Odds Comparison: How It Is Done

With the odds comparison tool, you can easily find the best odds across various markets offered by different bookies. This tool is very punter-friendly and it doesn’t require you to be a sports betting expert to use it. Even if you are completely new to sports odds and everything else around them, it all makes perfect sense.

The odds calculator lets you refine your search by a number of criteria. First, you can select the sport you’re interested in, such as football, tennis, basketball, and more. This takes you to a new page where you can employ various other filters to single out particular countries, leagues, competitions, etc. You can also single out an individual team from the bunch.

Once you set your filters, you will see only the matches or events you’re interested in with the bookies offering the best odds for these events. If you like what’s on offer, you can simply click on the bookie’s logo and you’ll be taken straight to their page where you can log in or register if you don’t have an account already.

This tool makes finding the best possible odds easier than ever before and you should really take full advantage of it.

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Sports Betting Odds Explained: How They Come to Be

Every punter knows that odds are just something that you find at the bookies and based on whether you like them or not, you decide if you want to bet. However, there are dozens of thousands of events, games, and matches across various markets every single day. Furthermore, different bookmakers offer different odds. So, where do all these numbers come from in the first place?

What Are Odds?

Although experienced bettors don’t need an explanation here, those new to betting might not be quite sure what all those decimals and fractions stand for. In the simplest of words, odds are a representation of probability – the probability the bookie puts on the likelihood of something happening. So, if odds on Southampton to beat Manchester are 4.00, this means the bookmaker believes this will happen less often than once in four matches.

odds comparison

Find the best odds for your target bet and make sure you’re getting the best price

The Bookie’s Edge

You’ve noticed the last sentence stated that the bookie believes the outcome will happen less often than once in four matches, while the odds fit the probability of it happening exactly once in four matches. This discrepancy is what’s known as the bookie’s edge and this is how bookmakers make money. They come up with odds they believe to be as close as possible to reality and then take a bit off.

Who’s In Charge of Making Odds?

So, this explains how sports betting odds work and where the bookie finds its edge in the whole story. It still doesn’t explain, however, how bookmakers come up with these predictions, given the sheer number of different events taking place around the globe every day. This seems like a mammoth task, indeed.

To tackle this challenge, bookies employ a number of experts and agencies whose only task is to keep up with all the current events and come up with the odds for the bookies. These experts keep track of the various stats and other relevant information and come up with what they believe to be a fair price for someone winning or losing, for a certain number of yellow cards occurring during a football match, etc.

Once they come up with this number, they subtract a small percentage, which is known as the “wig”. This is the bookie’s edge we’ve discussed. This number ensures a bookmaker makes the money over the long run because they offer odds that are actually slightly worse than the stat experts believe them to be.

Competition Makes Odds Go Around

So, with all this explained, one must wonder why is it that different bookmakers offer different odds on the same events and why do the odds sometime change over time? While there are different variables that can influence this, one is certainly the biggest factor – competition.

Bookies have to keep their odds competitive and so they change them to be more in line with other bookies. This is exactly why odds comparison is such a powerful tool as it lets you keep up to date with these changes and pick only the best offers.

sports odds

Not all bookies offer the same odds for the same markets

Finding Your Bookie: 10 Things to Keep in Mind

So, not all bookies have been created equal and when choosing a place to bet with, there are numerous factors to pay attention to, many of them relating to sports odds. Here’s the list of top ten things you should pay close attention to.

  • Odds for your target markets. Most punters don’t bet on everything and anything. Instead, you probably have certain preferences such as horse racing betting , Premier League, or tennis. So, make sure to compare odds and sign up with a bookie that offers the best odds for your target markets.
  • How often do the odds change? You want a bookmaker that doesn’t change the odds every two minutes because that makes it very hard to get your bets in. Serious bookies will usually stick with the line once they set it at least for a while, barring some really big and unexpected changes.
  • Are there best odds guarantees for your markets? Depending on what you bet on the most, you could find a bookie that offers the best odds guarantee. This is definitely something to keep in mind because it guarantees that even if you get your bet in early, you’ll be getting the best odds possible at the start of the match or the race. This, combined with some odds comparison, can actually be very effective.
  • Odds for in-play events. Some bookies offer very good odds in general but tend to go stingy with their live events. This may or may not affect you, depending on whether you do a lot of in-play betting. If you do, make sure to check if their in-play offers are as generous as their pre-match odds.
  • Odds boosters. When you’re hunting for the best betting odds, one thing to keep close attention to is whether the bookie you’re looking into has some regular odds booster offers. These are usually available for select matches or competitions and if these fit into your general interest, all the better, as you’ll often be able to get much better odds than what you could get with other bookies.
odds comparison

Some bookmakers will even give you custom-tailored odds for your bet

  • Other promotions and bonuses. Although this isn’t directly tied to odds as such, anything that improves your edge is always worth considering. Bookmakers that have frequent betting offers online such as bonuses, extra bets, and running competitions for punters will usually offer more value.
  • Good mobile app. Taking advantage of good offers when it comes to odds is often quite time-sensitive. Thus, you should probably pick a bookie that offers a good mobile app that will let you place your bets with ease, anytime, anyplace.
  • Good variety of deposit methods. You want a bookie that has good alternatives when it comes to funding your account. You don’t want to miss out on a good bet just because you can’t use your primary method for whatever reason and the alternatives are limited.
  • Around the clock customer support. This is just something you are entitled to as a customer in this day and age. Good bookmakers will always offer around the clock customer support, just in case.
  • Overall reputation of the bookie. Always pick a bookmaker that has a good reputation with the punters and that’s regulated by an authority such as the UKGC. That way you can rest assured you’re dealing with a serious and honest business.

Comparing Bookies: Who Takes the Cake

With so many bookmakers around, it is hard to tell which one is the best. That’s why a comparison table helps visualize good and bad sides of each bookmaker and helps you quickly figure out if what they offer is good enough for you.

Thanks to this comparison, you can easily see what bookies have to offer in every sense, not just with the regards to the odds but also in other aspects such as a sign up bonus , mobile solutions, customer support, and more. With this information presented in an easy to read and understand manner, it becomes much easier to find a bookie that really ticks all the boxes.

Odds Comparison for the Win: Who Can Use This?

Like with so many higher level things in sports betting, odds comparison is often connected to professional punters who’re always on the hunt for a better price. However, this is a wrong way to look at things.

Odds are what makes the biggest difference between a good bet and a really bad bet. Thus, everyone looking to place a wager should look to find the most favourable odds there are. Even if you’re just betting casually and for fun, you’re probably looking to win, and the best way to win is by finding the odds that are most in your favour.

Of course, for serious punters, odds comparison sites and tools are even more important as they allow them to place the best possible bets all the time. If you’re in this group, being able to hunt down the most favourable odds across different bookies is bound to increase your profit margin.

So, this is one of those things that really works for everyone involved with sports betting. The fact it is so easy to use makes everything even better as you can take advantage of it even if you’re fairly inexperienced and just learning the ropes.

Sports betting odds

Place your bets only with the bookies that can offer you the most favourable odds

Expert Odds Tips: 7 Tips to Make Odds Work in Your Favour

With everything already discussed here, you should have a good idea about what an odds comparison calculator is, how odds are figured out in general, and what punters need to do to find the most appealing odds in the market. We’ll round the discussion up with these seven expert tips you should keep in mind.

  • Pick the bookie that’s known for offering good odds for your favourite markets. There are certain bookmakers who are traditionally known for giving good odds for particular sports and leagues so you should find one that fits your general interest.
  • Always compare odds before placing a bet. Although it can seem like a waste of time sometimes, this is a very good practice to become accustomed to and it is one that will definitely pay off in the long run.
  • Some bookies will offer their best odds close to the start of the match. If you can, make sure to check the situation as the start of the match is approaching and get your bets in late. If a bookie is known for doing this, you can definitely take advantage of this practice.
  • Regularly compare odds for the betting markets you’re involved with and keep track of what different bookmakers are doing. That way you’ll stay in the loop and you might notice different trends that can help you make better picks in the future.
  • Play with the bookies that aren’t too quick to change the odds so that you have enough time to place your bets. Bookies that make it a practice to change their odds every few minutes aren’t the best for the punters for obvious reasons and with so much choice out there, you shouldn’t waste your time with them.
  • Have a mobile app ready to go on your phone. With a good mobile app you’ll be able to take advantage of all the good offers out there even if the market moves quickly. Many of our recommended bookies have high quality apps available so you should definitely use them to the fullest in combination with these odds tools.
  • Always be on the lookout for good booster bets. These are a great way to improve your regular odds and make them more attractive. These are often found for horse races and similar events and you’ll definitely want to take the full advantage of them whenever you can. Although you might not find them when comparing odds, you can easily locate these boosters in the bookie’s promo section.

Conclusion: Don’t Settle for Subpar Odds

The main idea behind our odds comparison page is to offer punters a resource they can use to make sure they’re always getting the best price from the bookies. Whether you’re interested in football odds, tennis odds, or any other sport, you should never have to settle for subpar offers.

With this tool at your disposal you don’t have to. It is free, easy to use, and available to anyone who’s interested in finding the best price they can get at the moment of placing their bet. Keep in mind that finding good odds is probably more important than any betting strategies or other systems you have ever heard about.

So, if you’re serious about beating bookies or even if you just want to improve your win-rate for no special reason, you should use this tool all the time. It only takes a few seconds to find the best offers and sometimes you’ll be surprised at how big the differences between bookies can be.

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