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Over Under Betting: Learn What Makes It So Popular

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With so many markets across different sports and leagues that betting sites have on offer, Over Under Betting is surely one of the most popular. It is a type of bet where bettors predict if the number of any given statistic for a specific event will be higher or lower than the offered threshold.

It has been widely recognized as a popular market and most prominent bookies offer Over Under betting odds for almost any major event you can find, as Over Under betting tips became an essential column with tipsters worldwide. Some of the best football odds for instance, come from the over/under market.

So, how does an over under bet work? Let’s go through the basics before you start putting your betting picks into action, so that you’re sure you’re getting it right and know what’s going on at all times.

  • Over Under is one of the most popular markets with bookies
  • It’s second only to spread betting in NFL or NBA and three-way results in football
  • It’s available for almost all statistics for major events
  • Most popular picks are those on total goals/points
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Over Under Betting: Things To Know

While it’s a rather straightforward sports betting option, learning the basics is very important before you start placing your first bets. 

How does it work? 

Putting your Over Under bet tips into action sure is simple. Bookies offer an initial value for specific statistics in a match and you get to back the final result will be Over or Under that value. This is most often put into use with a total combined score between the teams in question but there is a wide range of other markets which adopt the same method of betting.

over under betting

American Football over/under betting

For example, some of the popular markets are total numbers of yellow cards in football, team’s respective attempts in NFL, team’s assists or turnovers in NBA, as well as a total number of home runs in baseball.

The initial values are set forth by the bookies with odds compiled according to data available, including the teams’ respective recent records, league averages, as well as the team news, players’ form, injuries. The bookies’ teams of risk analysts take into concern a wide range of factors which could influence the actual likelihood of any outcome and set up the odds accordingly, which usually has value seekers hunting for the best value for their money and you can use our odds comparison  to do just that.

You base your predictions on inside info or think there will just not be too many goals in a certain match because of the high stakes involved? There’s no better way to take part and make your over under tips work for you in the Totals market.

Over Under Betting in football

Over Under bets are very popular in football and that’s for a reason. There are many factors which can influence the result in 90 minutes and with that in mind, there are obviously different opinions on the final outcome.

The great thing is that you don’t have to guess the winner to win money with your bets, as long as you get the specific statistic over or under the line. The basic line set by the bookies when it comes to Over Under football goals is 2.5 and there’s no push – you either win or lose. However, you can now place money on almost any number of goals with different odds, of course.

Over under bet tips

Bet on the number of goals in a football match

For example, the return match of Champions League clash between Roma and Liverpool at Stadio Olimpico has a wide range of Over Under bets in the offer with William Hill. After seeing seven goals in the first leg and both sides generally enjoying an attacking approach to their fixtures, Over 2.5 Goals FT comes as something of a banker bet at 4/11. Exponentially, Over 3.5 can be backed at 21/20, Over 4.5 comes at 12/5 and ultimately Over 5.5 at 11/2.

There are many different markets that employ Over Under in football betting, including numbers of corners, yellow cards, first-half goals, team goals and more. Many of them are (almost) just as popular and widely available as Goals markets, where bettors use their knowledge about rivalries, stakes certain players have on the table, or current news. 

Over Under basketball betting

Over Under bet tips are very popular in basketball too and they often keep the betting experience thrilling even when there are strong favourites in the market. It only comes second to point spread or money line, but the lines are different than with football.

The most common Over Under betting NBA market is total points, which has bettors predicting the combined number of points in the match with the threshold set in advance. This often has rather exact calculations on the bookies’ end but great predictions bring great odds as well, which means a lot of value to be chased.

How does an over under bet work

Over/under betting markets at Ladbrokes

For example, if we take the second Play-offs match between Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz, we see Rockets come as heavy favourites (Money Line priced at 1/10 with Ladbrokes), having beaten the rivals 110:96 in the first match. However, Total points market brings more thrills as the bookie set a threshold of 205.5 points and odds of 10/11 on both Over and Under.

It’s important to note that bookies calculate the threshold of points scored set under a wide range of factors, including recent games (such as the first match between the Rockets and Jazz where we’ve seen 206 points), average points in play-offs, players’ ratings and efficiency and many more. Many tipsters recommend punts on totals betting, so it’s one of the most important markets in both the NBA and Euroleague.

Over Under Betting in NFL 

Over Under bets are very popular in American football too and it’s maybe better known as Game Totals. It’s both favourable in games when we have two evenly sided teams or when we have heavy favourites on one end, as the odds can vary accordingly and create not as profitable experience for the bettors.

The betting is most widely spread as Total points scored and attracts value seekers for different reasons. You may feel like there will not be much scoring on the day and go for Under, despite not having the slightest clue who could turn it their way by the end.

For example, in a clash between Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, Steelers come as heavy favourites to win. Two most popular markets become Spread and Total Points, where William Hill sets up 47.0 points and you get odds of 10/11 for both Over and Under in this instance.

over under betting

NFL is a very popular over/under betting competition

Interestingly and more commonly in NFL, push can happen and the bookie will return your stakes if the total pointing hits the exact number proposed. Also, unlike football, Overtime or extra innings will count towards the total points in American football.

While you may enjoy the fact if you’ve backed Over 47.0 on the day and game goes into Overtime, it’s often said such an outcome is your worst enemy if you’re going for Under. Anyway, this is a very important thing you need to know before placing your first NFL bets.

Talking Points

Now that we’ve got the Over Under betting basics covered and you know the ins and outs, it’s easy to browse the offer and make the best out of it. However, to best capitalize on one of the most thrilling markets out there – where you could get all or miss out on the money in the final seconds of any given event – there are a few key talking points you can use.

Find the average 

The lines and odds offered by the bookies are often calculated based on the league or tournament average, teams’ scoring, recent head-to-head clashes, top players’ form, as well as team news on both ends. To best understand and start making use of it when betting, you need to make sure you have access to the listed information. This means you need to know the average scores, players’ goalscoring tallies in Over Under betting football, as well as all other relevant data.

 Calculate the likelihood 

There are many tools out there that can help you get a head start with the bookie when it comes to calculating the actual likelihood based on the average on both ends. However, don’t forget that these are not definite. For example, if PSG miss Cavani or Neymar in their starting line-up, this could mean they’ll have a harder time converting – so don’t get lost in the calculus.

Find the best odds 

You want odds that are worth betting on and only bet on them. This means that after you’ve determined the likelihood we’ll see Over 2.5 Goals FT in a Premier League clash on a given date, you want to compare the Premier League odds offered by the bookies and only go for it if the ones you’re looking at are actually worth taking the chance.

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