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Pinnacle App: Best Betting Odds Now in Your Pocket

PinnaclePinnacle is probably one of the best sites for punters looking to get the best betting odds there are. The bookie has made it a point to create an environment where bettors can expect to get the most favourable odds out there, focusing their attention more on serious punters than recreational customers. Of course, they had to offset this with other things, so new players can’t really expect to get a generous Pinnacle bonus  when signing up.

There are many advantages to placing your bets with this bookie and one of them is definitely the Pinnacle app, which lets you bet on the go from a variety of different mobile devices. The quality and the usability of the app once again show that the bookmaker takes a very serious and methodical approach to sports betting, giving players many features they are likely to expect from a mobile site or an app.

Update: Please note, Pinnacle bonus offer presented at this page is no longer valid and no partner program applies. We therefore refer to the operator Betway and its fantastic new customer bonus offer.

Pinnacle App Highlights

  • Downloadable Android & iOS apps
  • Fast and simple Pinnacle Lite app
  • The best odds in the market
  • Great selection of betting markets
  • Variety of convenient betting tools

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App Details: Pinnacle App Under Review

Punters do really get a lot with Pinnacle betting app in every relevant sense. There are numerous app features that are there to make your life easier and help you place your bets without hassle. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices alike, which makes things very convenient, enabling you access to one of the most favourable bookies out there regardless of your choice of preferred technology.

Overall, the app is very sturdy and rich with options, alongside the interface that’s easy to use and understand. This goes for both the mobile version of the site and standalone apps for all types of devices, so if you’re betting on the go with Pinnacle, you’ll never be denied any convenient options or features.

Pinnacle app

Download Pinnacle Lite and bet with the best odds offered by this bookie

Of course, the main attraction of this bookie is there on the Pinnacle app as well, and that’s their favourable and highly competitive odds across various betting markets. You’ll definitely struggle to find better odds than what’s offered on Pinnacle mobile, which is of the utmost importance for serious punters. Of course, casual bettors won’t have anything against better betting lines, either, and the fact that all of this is available on the palm of your hand really adds to the overall experience.

Pinnacle Mobile Technical Features: Compact & Efficient

As already mentioned, Pinnacle sports app is available across all sorts of Android and iOS devices. The app can be easily downloaded and installed and the best part about it is the fact it is very small, especially considering all the features it offers. The download itself takes only a few seconds and once installed, the app will take the very minimum of space on your device.

Despite being very small and compact, the app still provides access to all the various betting markets offered by the bookie. Punters using the mobile version of Pinnacle to access the bookmaker will not have to give up on any of advantages whatsoever.

App Usability: Great Speed & Excellent Design

There is no doubt that this is one of the bookies who really know what their customers need and want and it fully reflects in the app when looking at it from a pure usability point of view. The Pinnacle app features a clean and very intuitive layout combined with a modern and visually appealing design.

The bookie’s app is actually called Pinnacle Lite, and for a good reason. This small and compact mobile application is also very fast without delays and issues, so you’ll be able to quickly switch between different betting markets and place your bets.

Pinnacle betting app

The bookie focuses on usability and speed and their simple but highly efficient app serves to prove it

Pinnacle Sports in Your Pocket: App Download and Installation Guide

If you’re someone already betting with Pinnacle or just looking to get involved, you’ll probably want to have the mobile app installed on your device as it makes things so much easier and more convenient. If you’re uncertain on how to go about it, here’s a quick and simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1: The App Download

The Pinnacle app download should be an easy process for most people familiar with how mobile betting but due to the fact this is a gambling app after all, there are a couple of things to pay attention to.

When you visit the bookie’s mobile site, you’ll be given the link to download the appropriate app for your device. iPhone and iPad users will have no problems with the installation as it is the same like with any other app. However, if you’re trying to download the Pinnacle Android app, you will need to first confirm you want to download the file from “unknown location.” This is because the app is stored on the bookie’s server and not on Google Play, which still doesn’t allow best betting apps for most countries.

Step 2: Installing Pinnacle Mobile on Your Device

Once the file is downloaded to your mobile device, which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, you’ll be ready to install the Pinnacle app on your phone. Once again, iOS users will have no problems here, while Android users will need to go to their Settings and allow the installation of files from unknown sources.

Pinnacle mobile

Just make sure your Android phone allows installation of the files from unknown sources

Step 3: Start Betting on the Go

Once you download Pinnacle and install it on your device, you’ll be all set to go. You can log in with your existing information or use the app to open a new account. Either way, once your account is set up, the app will let you do everything you need to do, from depositing and placing bets to taking advantage of other features of this bookie.

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Pinnacle Mobile Tips & Tricks: Get Your Money’s Worth

Apart from offering you a convenience of betting on the go with some of the best betting odds you’ll find in the market, the Pinnacle betting app comes with a few hidden gems you should definitely know about to make your experience even more enjoyable. Here are some of them.

Nice Customization Options

The Settings’ section of the app provides you with some convenient options you can use to make your betting experience with Pinnacle better. Apart from choosing between decimal and fractional odds, you can also tick the option to Always accept better lines as well as choose to always bet maximum if this is your preference.

Pinnacle app

Take advantage of the available customization settings to get more out of the app

Variety of Betting Tools

The Pinnacle sports mobile site provides a wealth of betting tools you can use on your device. These include a payout calculator, margin calculator, handicap table, and much more. Although these aren’t available straight from the app, you will find them on the mobile site so you can use them whenever you feel like and these tools can really help you make more informed decisions about your wagers. Some of these might take some getting used to and learning on how to best use them, but once you figure it out, you’ll want them at your side at all times.

Bet Live on a Variety of Markets

Another thing the app allows you is to place live, in-play bets in real time. Thanks to the fact the app is so light and fast, you’ll have no problems quickly placing and adjusting your bets as required, which is one of the most important aspects of in-play mobile betting. With the Pinnacle app, you’ll be able to stay fully in control of your live bets.

Conclusion: Great App Featuring the Best Odds

The Pinnacle app manages to embody several aspects of betting all punters in the UK and around the world find crucial when selecting their online bookmaker. Available across different platforms, offered as a standalone app and a fully developed mobile site, and designed in a logical way to help you navigate the markets easily, the bookie’s app is accessible to everyone.

At the same time, Pinnacle has kept what made them one of the leading bookmakers in the first place, namely some of the best odds out there. When placing your bets on the go, you’ll still get to take advantage of great betting margins and high Pinnacle betting limits and get real value for your wagers.

It is also good to see Pinnacle didn’t go down the path of some other bookies available in the UK, making their Android app available for download for everyone, not just punters from some countries.

Pinnacle Sports in a Nutshell: Top Features of This Bookmaker

You can read everything you need to know about Pinnacle, their markets, odds, and promotions in our extensive Pinnacle review . However, if you’re short on time or just want a quick breakdown, here are some of the most important highlights.

Best Odds in the Market

Although we’ve mentioned it a few times throughout this text, we must once again say that punters betting with Pinnacle can count on the fact they’ll be getting the best odds out there for pretty much all the big and many smaller markets. If great odds are what’s important to you, you won’t go wrong with Pinnacle.

Arbitrage Betting Allowed & Encouraged

We won’t go into details of explaining arbitrage betting right here but, if this is an important aspect for you then you already know what it is. While most bookies frown upon arbitrage and might even suspend your account for it, Pinnacle allows and even encourages this practice.

Good Online Casino

If you ever get tired or bored of betting sports or there is simply nothing worth betting on at the moment, there is Pinnacle Casino to keep you entertained. The casino offers a vast selection of slots, table games, and even Live Dealer tables, so whatever your taste may be when it comes to online gambling, they have you covered.

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