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Premier League Odds: Where to Wager on the English Top Flight

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Searching for the best Premier League odds? We bet on the regular and it’s fair to say it’s not easy to find the best value for your money. Luckily, Bookmaker UK is here to help, contrasting what’s in store as you put your betting tips to action. Let’s get to it!

Odds Comparison: The Way To Go

With Odds comparison, you can easily make sure you get the best odds for your picks. If you have multiple accounts, you can ensure you have the money in the right place. On the other hand, you can simply compare what’s on the table when choosing a prominent bookie.

Betting for Premier League late in the campaign and finding the odds for your desired bets has thus never been as easy. The comparison offers a wide array of features and filters, where you get to select all or any bookie you’d like, filter only certain markets, time frames, or go through the offer game by game.

Premier League odds

Premier League is the favourite betting destinations of the punters in the UK and across the Europe

Aside from Decimal and American odds, you can obviously set the comparison to show fractional odds – just as you can switch between time zones when filtering your favourite matches. The interface comes as simple and quick as you please, ultimately devoted to the ease of access.  

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All About The Betting Odds

Let’s take it step by step. Betting odds actually catalyze the betting on events such as the Kentucky Derby in horse races or Champions League in football, where there are relative probabilities of any certain outcome.

How do they come about?

The odds are made in relation to the actual likelihood of a favourable result. This means the odds for two evenly matched teams would come as Evens while backing Chelsea in an FA Cup fixture against Southampton, who don’t really impress with their Premier League odds for relegation, comes at a considerably lower value.

Tipsters and bettors alike then search for best value in the markets, predicting potential outcomes for each contest and backing their claims accordingly.

Who makes the odds?

Beginners usually tend to question who makes the odds and why they can change over time. Bookmakers tend to have whole teams of risk analysts who compile odds for events across competitions, with a job to have the odds represent the actual possibilities as closely as possible. However, this doesn’t always get to be an easy task. Regardless of that, most money always goes on the favourites – which can sometimes affect the projected odds themselves.

Understanding why odds change can help you improve your bets and getting more money out of your claims.

 So, why do they change? 

Odds change over time for multiple reasons. For example, Premier League winner odds or the Premier League odds to stay up will change with every week based on the new information we (and the bookies) get. If the top spot chasers close the gap to the pace-setters, the chance they’ll make it to the title improves and the odds consequently drop.

Just as with Odds to win Premier League 2017/18 changed when Man City created a gap behind them, new information and money placed by the bettors can change the odds for every single match in the offer.

Types of odds 

There are different types of odds. Best known and most used ones in the UK are fractional odds, which represent the ratio of profit to stake. There are also decimal odds, which represent the actual profit with every £1 placed, and American odds you have to place to win £100 or the profit you make by placing £100 – depending on the positive or negative.

Betting for Premier League

Different bookies will offer different odds, but most UK bookies will treat you fairly

Bookmaker Checklist: What To Take Care Of

So what do we need to know before making a prominent firm our favourite? There are several major factors we need to take into account when selecting a bookie to go with:

  • Betting Markets. You always want as wide offer of events as possible. The only thing worse than poor odds on Premier League clashes is no betting for Premier League. Best bookies will offer a great pick of most famous football competitions and go far and beyond to offer an unprecedented scope of sports and events. 
  • Betting Limits. You want to know how much you can bet and how much you can win before signing up with a bookie. Check out the minimum and maximum betting limits, as you might just challenge them at some point.
  • Betting Odds. With our tools, it’s now very easy to find the Premier League odds winners and compare them to others but it also comes as a very important task to do that for yourself! Odds turn into a very powerful tool if they’re on your side so that’s where you want them to be.
  • Bonus Offer. Check out the betting offers online  in great detail before you decide if you’ll sign up with a particular bookmaker. 
  • Website Usability. Website interface can make all the difference when betting and you want a user-friendly environment, which serves with speed and quality at all times.
  • Customer Service. It’s important CS is well-organized and offers insight via different channels whenever you need it, available on anything you might not understand, even if it’s “just” the privacy policy.
  • Payment Methods. Any bookie of your preference must have several payment methods you can pick from. Most prominent ones offer deposits and withdrawals via credit cards, as well as different online payment options, checks, and more.
  • Security and Licensing. You want to go with best-known and most reliable firms in the business. It’s not just important to catch the enhanced Premier League top 4 odds promotion, is it? You want your money in a safe place and rightfully so. With that in mind, you can check in-depth reviews we offer.
  • App and Mobile Solutions.Mobile apps come as a must for prominent bookies nowadays and you want to make sure the one in question is of top-quality, offering ease-of-access and speed while on the go, which only the best betting apps  can really do.
  • Additional Offers. Make sure to check other offers by the firm, such as casino and bingo, and their quality before signing up if there’s even a slight chance you’ll use them in the future.

Take The Best Out Of The Comparison

We compare Premier League odds  and other football odds with ease through just a click or two, bringing you what’s in store and where. You’ve already got your prediction for a match in mind? Let’s check where it is the best to put your wager.

The comparison provides an easy access to a range of options with no need to go about multiple websites. You can check the offer from more than twenty different bookies, sorting from three-way results to goal markets and correct score predictions. You can thus make your picks and choose the best value for your money in no time.

Premier League odds

You can even bet on Premier League matches against other punters on the sites like Betfair Exchange

Who Can Take Advantage

Whether you’re betting on Champions League or Premier League odds 2019 and whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user crushing the bookies, this tool comes as an absolute must. It’s become meaningless consistently losing money with bookies with underpriced events even if you’re winning, which has brought odds comparison to the heights it’s in now.

Premier League odds for relegation have become very popular with a thriller battle for top-flight survival ahead of us, but there are obvious differences in the bookies’ opinions recently. This is where value-seekers thrive and so does the constant comparison, bringing that extra something into the equation.

Obviously, beginners need to learn the ropes but advanced users will know that the bookies often change their approach, which makes the long-term profit and constant bankroll building all the more important. Improving is impossible without exploring and that’s also when the importance of such a tool comes in handy. We find Premier League odds deviating all the time and professionals will surely know how to fish, making this a powerful means of turning the tables to their favour even it can seem to be the slightest of differences at one point or another.

How To Do It

It’s no wonder so many bettors have been using Odds comparison over the years, with its many obvious traits and features easing your betting experience. So let’s go through the salient ways you can make the most out of the product at hand.

Compare odds just before you place a bet

Once you’ve decided on the Premier League odds you want to take up, check through our Odds comparison and see if you can find a better value than with your picked bookie. This will make your life easier and it certainly makes bookies improve their offer on the long run.

Compare odds on multiple bets

Even if you’re going for multiple bets, it’s very easy to make sure you’re going for the right thing. Placing bets together and picking the best bookie to go with has become as easy as 1-2-3!

See the recent changes

With odds comparison, you can see what’s been going on recently. With that in mind, you can see where the money’s been going and even catch a break with another bookie if your pick has seen a recent drop on one.

Make your move at the right time

Seeing changes as they happened and comparing odds can also help you make a move at the best possible time. Placing a bet can be all about timing and taking up that special offer too!

Talking Points

While it was once unthinkable, we can now see prices from different firms put up against each other and it obviously works in bettors’ advantage. It would once take you a day to compare the Premier League odds a site after another or find the best Premier League odds without Manchester City, but with such essential tools – taking your game to another level is not a question of experience but putting them to good use.

Experienced pundits adore these and it seems the time has come we all get down to business, giving the bookies a run for the money as odds comparison gains ground as ever.

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