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Smarkets App: Excellent Mobile Betting Exchange Solution

Smarkets In the world of various sports betting apps, Smarkets stand out as a site that actually provides betting exchange services, giving punters a chance to bet against one another and measure their skills and knowledge. This bookie manages to stand out by offering a different approach to traditional betting but still maintaining a great selection of betting markets and other neat features.

One of these is definitely Smarkets app, which lets you log in to the exchange and place your bets straight from your mobile phone. Available across different platforms, this app caters to the needs of all of its customers. Although it may not be as complex and as impressive as some other bookies out there, it provides a comfortable and reliable betting environment, which is the most important bit at the end of the day.

Smarkets App Highlights

  • Betting Exchange App for iOS & Android
  • Mobile site available as well
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Wealth of stats and educational materials
  • Bet against others on your mobile

Use the Smarkets App now!

App Details: Smarkets App Under Review

For a long time, this bookie / exchange platform didn’t provide a standalone app for the customers wanting to bet from their mobile devices. Instead, everything happened through Smarkets mobile site, which is still available and comes equipped with all the necessary features for a smooth betting experience. However, the Smarkets betting app has been introduced recently as well.

Those looking to bet using their handheld devices will find a simple but very effective mobile solution that’s focused on what matters most – placing bets. There aren’t too many fancy elements in terms of graphics and at a first glance Smarkets app may seem a bit underwhelming.

However, this is likely to change when you dig deeper and explore what the app has to offer, especially in terms of various stats and information that’s going to help you make more informed decisions and place better bets.

Smarkets app

Get started with the mobile version of Smarkets, one of the best UK betting exchanges out there

With the focus on usability, Smarkets makes it easy to find your way around and make your picks, so even if there are some fancier options lacking, you can probably do without them. Generally speaking, this bookie is focused more on experienced bettors as it is, and this shows in their mobile solution as well.

App Technical Properties: Available Cross Platforms

Smarkets has had a mobile solution for its customers for a while now, but until relatively recently, punters were limited to the mobile site. This is no longer the case as there are now standalone apps available for Android and iOS devices, available for download from the official app stores.

The app is very light and reflects the general approach of the bookie where the focus is on giving punters easy access to betting markets. Not taking up too many valuable resources on your mobile phone, the app still manages to offer access to a huge variety of markets. Smarkets covers popular sports such as football, basketball, and tennis, but also many niche sports alongside current political and everyday events.

Smarkets betting app

The app features a nice and logical design that will make it easy to find your way around

App Usability: Focus on Simplicity & Speed

As mentioned already, Smarkets app features an approach that focuses heavily on usability and simplicity instead of trying to impress punters with its fancy features. You won’t find too many of these included in the app, but you will get an app that’s simple to use, straightforward, and centered on what’s really important, and that’s betting.

Thanks to its light design and the lack of any surplus elements, the mobile app is very fast to load and the waiting time to get to different sections is virtually non-existent. All of this gives the app a professional note as these features will appeal more to experienced bettors. However, even those new to betting exchanges will probably appreciate this simplistic approach.

App Installation: Installing Smarkets Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to download and installation, Smarkets betting app isn’t much different than any mobile app out there. This is your short and simple guide to getting the app and installing it on your phone in a few easy steps without any fuss.

Step 1: Finding & Downloading the App

First of all, you will need to find and download the app installation package. There are two ways to go about this and both will work just fine if you’re downloading the app from the UK.

The first way is to visit the relevant app page (Google Play or App Store) and search for Smarkets app. This should take you to the page where you can download the file. Alternatively, you can go straight to the bookie’s mobile page where you’ll find the direct link to the download section.

Non-UK customers won’t be able to download the Smarkets Android app, however, because Google Play still restricts gambling apps for most countries. This doesn’t mean you can’t access the exchange on your phone but simply that you’ll have to use Smarkets mobile site to do so.

Step 2: The Installation Procedure

Once the app download has finished, installing the software on your device is a very straightforward procedure. Simply tap the file and initiate the installation process. There will be no further interventions required on your part. If you belong to the group that can’t use the app, you can always add the shortcut to the site on your phone desktop to ensure quick and easy access.

Smarkets app

In the event you can’t download and install the app, you can always add Smarkets mobile site to your home screen

Step 3: Access the Exchange

Once these two steps are done, you’ll be ready to go. Existing customers can simply log in using their existing details while new punters can register through the app and get started in a matter of minutes. You’ll have full access to the exchange and you can start betting against other punters.

Use the Smarkets App now!

Smarkets Hidden Gems: App Tips & Tricks

Like most betting apps in the market, Smarkets has some hidden gems, which can help improve your overall profitability and satisfaction levels. Keep on reading to discover some of the useful tips and tricks you should definitely know about when using Smarkets app.

Convenient Search Function

Although this app doesn’t come loaded with special features, as already mentioned, there are a few you can really use to your advantage. One of them is the search function which lets you find different teams, events, and matches quickly and easily. You can access it by tapping the small magnifying glass icon located in the top right corner of the app and simply enter the term you want to search.

Wealth of Stats

By tapping on any matches, horse racing, or other sporting events, you will gain access to a wealth of information about what bets are being traded, which total amounts are on the line, and much more. You’ll also get easy access to all sorts of betting markets such as Over / Under lines for goals, corners, and cards, First Scorer, and much more. With all this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to do more with your bets.

Smarkets mobile

The app provides you with a wealth of statistical information to help you make your decisions

Take Advantage of the Betting Education Section

The Betting Education section is accessible from the app and it represents a very valuable resource, especially for those new to sports betting and betting exchanges. Here, you will find a wealth of information about odds, particular sports, and how a betting exchange operates. Since all the articles and materials are available on your phone, you can read them whenever you feel like it and improve your chances by getting a better insight into the topic of betting exchanges.

Conclusion: One of the Best Exchange Apps

So, in essence, Smarkets isn’t your traditional bookmaker. They are a betting exchange, similar to the exchange offered by Betfair. For that reason, their mobile solution is somewhat different to what you’ll find with other large UK bookies. The focus is put primarily on speed and functionality as serious and experienced punters are their primary target group.

That said, if you’re making your first steps into the world of betting exchanges, Smarkets app download is probably a good first step to get you started. The app doesn’t just offer an easy access to all sorts of markets where you can bet against other punters but also contains a wealth of educational resources that will bring you closer to your goal. Exactly because it is so simple and easy to use, the Smarkets app is excellent for beginners as well, because you will not feel overwhelmed and it will be easy to find your way around.

Smarkets Highlights: 3 Things to Know About the Exchange

Although they are not a traditional bookmaker, Smarkets actually offers a lot to any punter out there, as long as they are interested in learning and accepting this different way of betting. You can read all about it in our comprehensive Smarkets review  but in the meantime, here’s a few highlights.

Excellent Selection of Betting Markets

Being different than most traditional bookies doesn’t prevent Smarkets from offering a really great variety of sports and betting markets. From football, tennis and basketball, over baseball, darts, and snooker, to political and current events, Smarkets lets punters bet on pretty much anything their hearts desire.

Nice £10 Bonus to Get You Started

The truth about Smarkets is they’re not really big on bonuses and promos, probably because they operate on a different model. However, new customers are still treated to a nice welcome bonus worth £10, issued in a form of rebate after the first deposit of at least £20. Naturally, certain terms and conditions apply, but this Smarkets bonus  is still some extra cash you can count on as long as you stick to the rules.

Extensive Customer Support

Smarkets takes good care of its customers. Apart from the education centre and an extensive FAQ section, there are also various contact options, including a 24/7 live chat facility. The direct phone line is also available for the better part of a day and night.

Use the Smarkets App now!

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